Kessaris - The first steps Kessaris - The first steps

The first steps

In 1965 Costas Kessaris starts his journey in the field of jewelry with his uncle, a leading jeweler of the time, setting up a company to manufacture and distribute wholesale jewelry.

His desire to create unique high quality designer jewelry combined with his need to be involved with his customers led to ending his cooperation in 1969, and subsequently led him to launch his first personal company which dealt primarily in retail.

The excellent quality and vast variety of his designs, as well as proper company management, soon brought success, as at the same time the creation of a new selling environment in the heart of the market became a necessity in order to provide better customer service. Thus, in 1982, KESSARIS transferred to one of the most central and historic parts of Athens, the corner of Panepistimiou and Voukourestiou Street, which remains its flagship shop until today.